#StyledByStyleBar: This Is My 2023 Capsule Wardrobe

#StyledByStyleBar: This Is My 2023 Capsule Wardrobe

By: Regan Bueti Comments: 0

Over the years i have been trying to build my Capsule wardrobe and try to maximize the wear i get out of each item, as well as creating endless outfit options. Capsule wardrobes make the art of getting dressed that much easier with the idea that a few core staples can be mixed and matched to create a range of standout looks. While everyone's personal style certainly varies, we're routinely intrigued by how various creatives define their capsule wardrobes for potential inspiration. 

Regan has put together a 2023 checklist for you, complete with a range of shopping recommendations if you want to add the items to your own capsule wardrobe. 


Black Pants 

It's hard to find a top that's hard to pair with black. If you know me Black is the core of my wardrobe, and as much as i want to add colour, Black serves my wardrobe so much more. Chose fabrics with Spandex in them to keep the item looking jet-black and avoid the faded black that happens with cotton, 

 Pintuck Wide Leg Pant, $95                     Maddi Straight Leg, $72

Striped Top 

Neutrals are the core of the ultimate capsule collection. The way to get print and depth into your collection is by adding a timeless Stripe top. Neutral prints are the key to keeping a minimalist capsule wardrobe interesting. Incorporate neutral prints like a striped top. Neutral prints are easy to wear with other prints for a fashionable look

item: Now Sold Out 

Basic White Top 

A white basic is the item most utilized in my closet. It keeps the outfit looking fresh, clean and light. Choose between a Crew-neck, a ribbed tank or a classic button down to add to your wardrobe. 

Margot Mock Neck, $42                                                        Core Collection Tee, $42 

Longer Cardigan 

A cool cardigan tops my list of layering pieces that pull an outfit together effortlessly. A V-neck cardigan is the most versatile.

Messa Open Front Cardigan, $79           Dainty Knit Cardigan, $89

Lightweight Jacket 

A lightweight utility or denim jacket is an essential layer that makes it easy to transition your wardrobe from season to season. It's thin enough to layer over a hoodie and under your favorite winter coat but stylish enough to stand alone over a slip dress or basic white tee.

Josie Double Breasted Coat, $119 

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